China e-commerce

What’s the private domain in China, and what does it have to do with E-commerce?

During the pandemic, brands and retailers increasingly turned to digital channels to compensate for offline retail losses. Private traffic is a way for brands to collect and own first-hand data, thus gaining more control over the customer experience – creating their own consumer groups to better engage with them, without relying purely on traditional advertising.

As I’ve shared with you before (see my Alibaba article), E-commerce platforms’ business models have progressively shifted to that of media companies, making the cost of new customer acquisition skyrocket.

Enter the private domain: a way for brands to connect with their target in a personalized way and for a better price.

So how do brands play the game successfully?

In this article, I break down key types of personal interactions that brands can have with consumers in the private domain, and how to do it best.