Epic failure 

To understand success, it is sometimes useful to talk about failure. 

Following the release of our book Dragon Tactics, I recently participated in a webinar organised from Shanghai by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, together with Aldo Spaanjaar.  

​​Adaptation, agility and flexibility, in a context of high global uncertainty, were at the heart of our discussions. For a company or a brand, these are perhaps the three most important pillars for success today. ❌ I mentioned a counter-example of adaptation with the case of Amazon in China. Its strategic mismatch with the components of the Chinese market and with the real expectations of consumers are probably the main reasons for this failure, despite a good start at the outset. ​ 

You have to be extremely attentive to the ambient air when building a strategy, adapt it to each geographical area and be extremely flexible. 

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