Interview of Aldo Spaanjaars at the Leiden Asia Centre

“Entrepreneurs and business leaders are facing a new era of tremendous unpredictability and

Covid-19. Ukraine. Energy prices. Climate challenges. Rapid digitization and robotization. And all that
in a fully new geopolitical landscape. 

Why are Chinese entrepreneurs coping so well? The simplest answer is … they never had it easy!
They have always had extremely uncertain and unpredictable times while building their businesses.
It’s only now that enterprises in the west have to cope with similarly uncertain conditions”

Aldo Spaanjaars wrote the book “Dragon tactics” with Sandrine Zerbib to spread their inside
knowledge of how the Chinese do business amidst baffling uncertainty and unpredictability.

Thanks to Lilian Kranenburg 黎 漣 and the LeidenAsiaCentre, the premier platform in The Netherlands
to generate academic knowledge on modern East Asia that can find societal applications in the
Netherlands, for their recent invitation to their “China Café” to come speak about this book and the
secrets of Chinese entrepreneurship. 

The interview can be viewed in full (37 minutes) on Youtube via this link: