Why European bosses could be inspired by Chinese-style management

🔹 3 adjectives to define the profile of Chinese business leaders?
Brilliant, willing, visionary. 

🔹 Their greatest quality? 
Their ability to observe.
They use data to the fullest to understand their markets and consumers. In the West, we were taught to think well, to be analytical. In China, they have been taught to observe well. They are ultra-sensitive to variations and changes, and integrate them extremely quickly. 

🔹 Have they been impacted by the pandemic that has profoundly challenged the world of work as it existed in 2020, and keeps redefining its contours?

The answer is yes. In China, managers are operating in a suddenly very different context: growth is slowing down and the future is no longer a bright horizon. For entrepreneurs, the future has become even more uncertain, especially because of the political environment. For the younger generations, unemployment has reached more than 20% and the social elevator no longer seems to work. Under these conditions, working 70 hours a week is out of the question for them. They expect a more balanced life, and this is a significant change.