Competitiveness of Chinese companies: the art of leading under uncertainty

The success of Chinese companies is the envy of many. How to succeed in China?

To answer this question, Ali Laïdi welcomes Sandrine Zerbib, a Frenchwoman who has been living in China for 25 years and is the co-author of the book “Dragon Tactics: the tactics of Chinese entrepreneurs to better lead in uncertainty”.

“Talking about #dragontactics is to dive into a subject we are passionate about: China, its culture that has taught and inspired us so much, the powerful resources of its private entrepreneurs and their competitiveness in an increasingly competitive international environment” Sandrine Zerbib tells us.émissions/l-entretien-de-l-intelligence-économique/20221019-compétitivité-des-entreprises-chinoises-l-art-de-diriger-dans-l-incertitude