Managing China risks by Aldo Spaanjaars

With new challenges befalling international businesses that operate within China, are you interested in how to remain a winner in this market?

In the second video or a two-part series, I outline my suggestions and views on how foreign businesses can play their cards to remain ahead of the competition during such rapidly changing times.

Touching on a number of topics, I build on my perspective and personal experience on the growing geopolitical risks, “Engine 2” concept, joint ventures with local entrepreneurs, and finally the topic of decoupling or diversifying brands.

As with the first video, a lot of the findings are built on a McKinsey Global Institute paper: ‘The China Imperative for Multinational Companies, developed by Jonathan Woetzel and his team. Once again, I urge you to read it to further immerse yourself in this topic.

In my previous video, I outlined the risks, so if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend you do so to further contextualize these insights.

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