Discover the secrets of Chinese leaders with Sandrine Zerbib

💧 “Become as fluid as water that always finds its way by adapting to the terrain”.

This is the quote from Lao Tzu that I chose to share during my presentation at the Incenteev platform’s Masterclass in Business Excellence, which invites experts to share their visions of tomorrow’s company. 

With a pleasure that never fades, I was able to touch on some of the major themes of my book “Dragon Tactics”, co-written with Dutch entrepreneur Aldo Spaanjaars, and to focus on the wolf culture that is so intriguing in Europe. A culture I parallel with the tactics of Chinese entrepreneurs:

🔹 Flaire exceptional to sense opportunities
🔹 Strong inclination to go for the challenge and go on the offensive
🔹 Dedication to the group
🔹 Stainless loyalty to the group’s leader