Actu Retail I Sandrine Zerbib (Full Jet) : “The strength of Chinese companies lies in their ability to listen to consumers”.

Actu Retail gave me the space to develop my ideas and share my experience of China.

➡️ Why I wanted to write Dragon Tactics with Aldo Spaanjaars, why international brands succeed and others fail in China, what is the essence of the philosophy of change, how do Chinese bosses behave, what will become of corporate paternalism, etc.

🖌️ EXCERPT “The publication of this book comes at a time when China is getting a bad press. We wanted, quite simply, to say: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Behind the political aspect of China that displeases the West, there are 1.4 billion inhabitants and an extremely rich entrepreneurial fabric, with a wide variety of individuals. It’s essential to observe the developments unfolding there, not only because of the existence of an extremely large market, but also because the country – if only because of its population, size, history and culture – deserves to be scrutinized more finely than what’s said about it on TV sets.”