Dragon Tactics : should we take inspiration from Chinese entrepreneurs?

What is business like in China? How does it work in Europe? What forms of hierarchy are at work, and what is the place and role of the manager?

In Europe, the leader is seen as a democratic coordinator. In China, he’s a central figure, a strong inspiration for his employees. He must impose an almost patriarchal vision on his teams, with the aim of protecting them. It’s a very positive approach, but one that is decried in the West.

Comparing these two systems sheds even more light on their differences. Some aspects of leadership in China are almost inconceivable in France. And yet they are incredibly effective.

This is one of the main themes of the book Dragon Tactics, DUNOD.

In Europe, we’re brought up to believe that a genius is someone who thinks well and has a good head. In China, a genius is someone who knows how to observe his or her environment to take advantage of opportunities.

It would be interesting to draw inspiration from this and, why not, revisit the way we lead and work together.