In China, it’s no limit

Rather than saying no outright, the Chinese prefer to try many things and then judge. They experiment.

So when asked: would you be prepared to replace your boss with an artificial intelligence? It all depends for whom. In China, you’ll get more yeses than in Europe.

In fact, China is home to the first female avatar CEO. I mentioned this in a previous post, because it’s a first. Her name is Tang Yu, and since 2022, she has been running Fujian NetDragron Websoft, a video game company with 6,000 employees. This virtual digital executive is programmed by humans, but once activated she performs her tasks autonomously: approving and signing documents, managing projects, evaluating staff performance.

Emotionally devoid, she’s available 24 hours a day, always with a smile, and… unpaid. ❓

Can a CEO be an algorithm? Happy Boulot, a weekly show on @BFM Business, opened the debate and I was delighted to take part. Thank you Erwan Morice for this new invitation and exchange, alongside speaker Stéphane Mallard, a specialist in new technologies.