Competing head-on with PDD and ByteDance in e-commerce, Alibaba is suffering a series of setbacks, and founder Jack Ma has just called on his ex-group to get its act together

While Chinese consumption is at half-mast, despité the lifting of “zero Covid” measures a year ago, Alibaba is struggling to respond to new consumers adept at lightning purchases blurring the line between shopping and entertainment. A generational shift driven by Douyin and fast-fashion champion Shein. “Douyin, like TikTok in the West, has taken the pulse of young people who consume differently, “on the go” by watching videos or playing games online, rather than after research. These competitors threaten Alibaba’s leadership, but not its existence”, analyzes Sandrine Zerbib, co-author of Dragon Tactics. The tactics of Chinese entrepreneurs to better lead in uncertainty (Dunod).