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In conversation w/Authors of Dragon Tactics on How & Where #West Learn From 🇨🇳?

Aldo Spaanjaars and Sandrine Zerbib had another nice opportunity to share some aspects of China’s entrepreneurial strength from their book #DragonTactics. ❇️  They discussed insights into the agile and innovative practices of Chinese companies to succeed in a complex and hyper-dynamic market, amidst uncertainty. China, well-equipped to tackle demographic challenges, is banking on technology and AI. Its cultural identity…

In China, the insolent success of the Pinduoduo group (Temu) threatens Alibaba’s empire

Huang Zheng, the founder of PDD, embodies a new generation of Chinese “serial entrepreneurs” for whom the world’s leading online marketplace is no longer enough, and who are unashamedly setting out to conquer the world.

Lessons from Chinese management #10

In “Dragon tactics”, Sandrine Zerbib and Aldo Spaanjaars describe what distinguishes “Chinese-style” management from Western methods. Here we learn that brainstorming is good, but not spending the whole year on it is better. The keys to Chinese management? Agility and responsiveness, valuable leadership qualities in emergency situations. Read the full interview here :

Tea Be Damned! Inside The Massive Starbucks Bet On China’s Shift To Coffee

A gigantic and multi-faceted new location near Shanghai epitomizes the American giant’s ambition to quench China’s growing but still-nascent thirst for coffee. Translation of the report of Les Echos on Nov 7, 2023

Competing head-on with PDD and ByteDance in e-commerce, Alibaba is suffering a series of setbacks, and founder Jack Ma has just called on his ex-group to get its act together

While Chinese consumption is at half-mast, despité the lifting of “zero Covid” measures a year ago, Alibaba is struggling to respond to new consumers adept at lightning purchases blurring the line between shopping and entertainment. A generational shift driven by Douyin and fast-fashion champion Shein. “Douyin, like TikTok in the West, has taken the pulse…

How Apple struggles to free itself from “made in China

Under pressure from Beijing, the giant must reduce its heavy dependence on local subcontractors. While it waits for its ecosystems in India and Vietnam to perform well, it is giving pledges in its third market. Apple needs to double down on its dependence on China,” advises Sandrine Zerbib, author of Dragon Tactics (Dunod), who set…