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Why European bosses could be inspired by Chinese-style management

🔹 3 adjectives to define the profile of Chinese business leaders?
Brilliant, willing, visionary. 

 🔹 Their greatest quality? 
Their ability to observe.They use data to the fullest to understand their markets and consumers. In the West, we were taught to think well, to be analytical. In China, they have been taught to observe well. They are ultra-sensitive…

ASIALYST: Understanding good Chinese management.

To read: “Dragon tactics” by Sandrine Zerbib and Aldo Spaanjaars (Editions DUNOD), which explains the success of Chinese management from #WeChat to #Shein. We were delighted to host Sandrine Zerbib at #ConversationsFRAsie2022. She spoke on #Globalization vs #Fragmentation and discussed with the rest of the panel how collaboration in a melting pot of cultures leads…