In conversation w/Authors of Dragon Tactics on How & Where #West Learn From 🇨🇳?

Aldo Spaanjaars and Sandrine Zerbib had another nice opportunity to share some aspects of China’s entrepreneurial strength from their book #DragonTactics. ❇️  They discussed insights into the agile and innovative practices of Chinese companies to succeed in a complex and hyper-dynamic market, amidst uncertainty. China, well-equipped to tackle demographic challenges, is banking on technology and AI. Its cultural identity also greatly impacts the mindset of Chinese entrepreneurs, shaping their sense of community and collective action. ⚠️ In short, it’s : adapt or die today. You can enjoy the full podcast in replay : ▶️

Thank you to Ali Borhani and Anoush Ehteshami for hosting Aldo and Sandrine on their #BRIDialogues compelling podcast. #China #Geopolitics #Branding