The Chinese Market: Risks and Opportunities for Multinational Companies

Is the Chinese market still of interest? By Aldo Spaanjaars

What opportunities are there for multinational companies in China?

I recently read a very interesting paper published by the McKinsey Global Institute, called “The China Imperative for Multinational Companies.”

Meanwhile, I invite you to watch the video below, in which I have brought together their fascinating insights combined with my own experiences in China to, I hope, help you better understand the Chinese market in this volatile time.

What can you expect in this video? The current risks and opportunities of doing business in China for multinational companies, with business tips for those finding themselves in this position.

However, I think this can be useful for anyone interested in the topic. As a final tip, in case you have never done so, do not hesitate to read China’s 14th 5-Year Vision to better understand the plans for high-priority technology areas such as AI, clean energy, Web 3.0, and digital industrialization.

Many thanks to Jonathan Woetzel and all the great authors of this paper. I urge everyone to read this very insightful paper. The second video on this topic will follow soon.

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