The new économiste I Analysis of Chinese management culture, unlike in the West

Paul-Henri Moinet’s analysis bounces off what Sandrine Zerbib develops in the book with Aldo Spaanjaars.
book with Aldo Spaanjaars, and it’s gratifying to see the conversation continue with echoes
with echoes from other writers passionate about the same subject: the culture and way of working of
in China.

Excerpt 👇🏼

“The Chinese conception of business reverses many Western ideas. Starting with the
the sacralization of strategy: you have everything to gain with tactics and a lot to lose with strategy
strategy, believes the Chinese entrepreneur. The Chinese entrepreneur believes that strategy has everything to gain from tactics and much to lose from strategy.
more concerned with proving the relevance of a plan than with understanding the mobility of markets. Observing is
preferable to modeling. The model, a Western mantra, always ends up blinding those who think it.
it has an unfortunate tendency to force reality to match its projection, whereas observation
It has an unfortunate tendency to force reality to match its own projection, whereas observation keeps to the level of things and the eternal recomposition of their relationships of forces”.