Aldo Spaanjaars & Sandrine Zerbib: Learning from Chinese Entrepreneurs

It was an honour to be the guests of coach and speaker David Lancefield‘s podcast. 

How do Chinese entrepreneurs run their business and manage their companies in today’s China? 

✳️ “Much of the management thinking and practices we use comes from Western companies. This episode fills this gap by delving into what it takes for companies to thrive in this dynamic, unpredictable, and hyper-competitive market. Aldo and Sandrine share their collective experience of 60 years of working and living in China, outlining tactics strategic leaders can master, whether operating in China or elsewhere. They discuss the importance of adaptability, customer focus, data, and having a hunger to succeed. They also reveal the mistakes companies make that lead to failure, especially Western companies looking to enter the Chinese market”.

I also share this comment from a listener left below the podcast, which underlines the philosophy behind our work as strategists for the brands we work with. 👇 

💡 “Don’t just do what worked somewhere else. Observe”